Start Up

This is my first attempt at blogging!  I wanted to share opinions on dentistry with anyone that was interested. I guess before that I need to know more from anyone about blogging.  I will try to learn as I go, but would appreciate any comments.

About the blog – I practice dentistry full time and  a long time to accept my career.  Now I am completely hooked on what I can do for people, and where modern dentistry can take us.  But I also see many problems and confusion in the public.  Many patients comment to me that they had never heard of this/that regarding their teeth.  I think I’d like to post general info day by day and see what gets picked up.

About me – my father was a dentist, and his brother/first wife/my brother etc. etc. – others are technicians, dental nurses, dental company reps.  Enrolled in Architecture to try and be original but found more comfort in dentistry anyway.  Found patient care stressful and struggled with my decision for many years – considered aviation and got a pilots licence, gave up dentistry and worked in a coffee shop, and studied psychology.  This was the moment that I found how to enjoy dentistry, and improve on everything I do.  I started working part-time for a great team, and eventually went back to dentistry full time.  Now I am hooked!!


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