Did you know you can reverse decay in your teeth?  Decay forms from bacteria in your mouth producing acids that dissolve the teeth.  Your saliva has minerals in it to neutralise the acid attack and reform the damaged tooth.  Early decay may not always need the drill!  If you can rebalance the acids in your mouth, and the decay is only in its’ early stages, the minerals can reharden small damged areas.  Bacteria live on your teeth and ferment sugar like a little gingerbeer factory, and the fermentation produces acid!

There are four basic rules to stop bacterial acids destroying your teeth:

1/  Clean your teeth often enough – at least 2/day – nighttime is the most important so that your saliva can spend a long time while you sleep repairing the damage.

2/  Clean them well enough – 2mins brush and floss every night – the majority of fillings I do every day are in between the teeth and they are all preventable

3/  Reduce the timing of sugars – chocolate is worse than lettuce, but timing is the big key – let your teeth rest.  If I eat chocolate after dinner, washed down with a hot drink, and then brush/floss then the sugar only fermented for an hour.  If I got the same piece of chocolate and ate a small piece of it every hour all day, the bacteria would ferment like crazy and my teeth would rot – even if I brushed.

4/  Reduce the amount of sugar – more healthy foods, cheese – less sticky sugars, toffees, and 1 can of soft drink has up to 10 teaspoons of sugar and has acid as well.

That’s all for now – I’m off to clean my teeth and go to bed!


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