Dental Anxiety

There are several ways to deal with dental anxiety and phobias.  The first is to recognise what your greatest fear is.  Is it a previous experience?  Is it pain?  Is it the sound?  The cost?

Then you need to find a dentist that you can put your trust in.  A dentist who takes their time to use topical anaesthesia, or can explain the situation and put your mind at ease.  Try using headphones and listen to music if the sound worries you.  Relaxation techniques, good technique, and a friendly fun dental practice and staff can all make a huge difference.  Talk to your dentist about what the biggest hurdles for you are, and they can often make things way more comfortable for you.

I have had some great success for more anxious patients using Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas).  If things are still too concerning then IV sedation or day surgery is an option.  The important thing is to take control of your life.  Dental problems and pain are usually the result of not attending to things early – the sooner you have a dental check-up, find a dentist you can trust, and discuss your options, the sooner you can get on with your life and enjoy youir smile again!

The power is in your hands – go for it!


4 Responses to Dental Anxiety

  1. Mike Wood says:

    Wellness, health, aching, confidence and good health all are related to good mouth hygiene. Visit your dental professional often and many aches and pains can be relieved. Smiles will always win over a frown and making a great smile to others will win you over always. Your health is important to all that matters in life and smiling is a big part of it. A constant reader of health articles and remedies are part of my weekly habit and your blog, message and articles help all in participating in wellness habits. Let all smile and take care of your dental hygiene. Thanks.

    smile makeovers

  2. myteethnvd says:

    Thanks for your comments Mike. I am passionate about making dentistry accessible to people. We both know what neglect does and how avoidable it is.

  3. Dentisign says:

    Please have a look at DentiSign, a simple hand signal system that enables communication between patient and dentist.

    All comments welcome.

  4. Thanks for the information. It’s difficult to find a good quality and
    really helpful ideas. I will definitely attempt to implement those on the following visit with my dentist office.

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