I see so many people that have a toothache that could have been easy to fix but they left it until it was too late.  Some teeth can decay all the way to the nerve and not give any sign of pain until BAM – massive toothache needing root canal therapy or extraction.  This decay in some cases has been there for a couple of years slowly eating more tooth away.  Remember that prevention and proactive actions are the best way to keep your teeth for life – everything we do in your mouth has a lifespan – so avoiding it, or getting it early, means buying yourself more options later in life.  A root canal treatment is the last resort to save a tooth.

Don’t be the one who falls off a 60 story building and says as they pass the 30th floor – ‘well, so good so far – nothing is hurting’


One Response to Toothache

  1. great points. Prevention is the best medicine.
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