Cost of dentistry

I read a great quote yesterday.  Dentistry isn’t expensive, neglect is.  You know, I have been a dentist now for 16 years.  In that time I have brushed 2/day, flossed nightly, and had a check and clean every 6 months.  I am not a saint in brushing technique, or my diet – but I don’t drink soft drink unless it is a weekend treat, and I always clean my teeth before going to bed.  I have 2 fillings – the first one was gold becasue it is the longest lasting material a dentist can place.  It was done 15 years ago and looks brand new. 

The cost to me for 2 checks and cleans per year, X-rays every few years, 2 fillings (one gold, one composite tooth coloured) over 16 years would be about $4900 in todays terms – $306 per year.  I get a haircut every month for $30 – $360 per year.  If I neglect my mouth, and get deep decay and a toothache – one tooth could cost up to $2500 to fix properly, and that won’t keep my tooth forever!.  I won’t even discuss the cost people spend on smoking, alcohol, gambling, expensive TVs.

The cost to me in reality is to choose regular care, good dentistry, and to be bothered doing boring things like eating well and flossing.  It is your choice too.


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