Why should I floss?

My father was a dentist, and I had graduated from dental school before I finally got that I needed to floss every night.  Why?  Bacteria live on your teeth and eat sugar.  They ferment the sugar into acid which dissolves teeth!  You get bacteria growing mostly where you can’t clean well – that is, in between the teeth, especially at the back. (look at my photo in the wisdom teeth post – no other holes anywhere but in that crevice is rotten!)

Once you get fillings to repair the damage, you have even more nooks and crannies for the bacteria to live in.  I spend day in, day out drilling in between teeth, or taking old fillings out from in between teeth to put bigger ones in.  It is just like the grouting between the batheroom tiles in the shower – the bacteria and mould grows in the gooves, and down near the plughole – not on the easy wipe tiles

As they say ‘You only need to floss the teeth you want to keep!’


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