Cosmetic fillings, crowns and veneers

There are many ways to alter your smile for the better.  Whitening or bleaching is commonplace now.  many people don’t realise some other simple cosmetic options such as bonding tooth coloured fillings to change the shape or colour of teeth.  There are 3 main ways to change a tooth shape dramatically – tooth coloured bonded fillings, porcelain bonded veneers, and porcelain crowns. 

Crowns involve cutting away a lot of tooth structure and are usually best left for repairing heavily broken down teeth, where there is risk of the tooth breaking.  A crown is like a helmet protecting the core of the tooth.

A porcelain veneer is like a thin egg shell thickness covering glued to the front of the tooth like a false fingernail.  Porcelain crowns and veneers are often preferred for their ability to last a long time without losing their colour or shape – much like a porcelain china plate.

Tooth coloured fillings should not be underestimated for their ability to mask defects.  They can be very cosmetic if placed well, which is determined by the skill and artistry of your dentist.  The downside is that, as a plastic resin, overtime they will pick up more stains and chip.  Here are a couple of tooth coloured fillings I did just recently and the patient and I were thrilled.  the cost of these was about $200 per tooth compared to $800 each for veneers and $1300 each for crowns.  I expect them to be in service for 5 to 10 years before we look at replacing them.



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