A custom fitting mouthguard is one of the wisest decisions you can make for yourself or your children if playing sport.  You have one chance with your adult teeth and trauma can lead to endless expense, pain and heartache.  The minimim damage you may sustain to your teeth would be one tooth getting chipped – and to fix it is the same cost as a custom fitting mouthguard.  Parents say to me that a mouthguard is expensive and they only get one season before kids grow out of it.  It costs less than most sports shoes – and kids grow out of these too!

The second worst scenario is a tooth dying and needing root canal treatment – 3 times cost of a mouthguard

The third is snapped off – root treatment and crown – 11 times cost of a mouthguard – and eventual loss of tooth

The fourth knocked out – root treatment/crown and future implants – 45 times cost of mouthguard

Remember – that is if it is just ONE tooth!   And no replacement will ever look or function as good as the real thing – would you rather a real eye, or a false eye?  We can make pretty good false eye’s – but I wouldn’t want one.  A custom guard fits acurately over the gums and bone around the teeth to distribute any force evenly onto the jaws.  A boil and bite mouthguard transmits force through the guard and onto the teeth leading to a high risk of tooth fracture and limited protection.  Finally a custom guard is laminated and thin meaning comfort and better breathing – many kids lose teeth playing sport because they didn’t wear the guard, stating it was not comfortable.  I try to make the best fitting guard with careful attention to how far it extends into the mouth and under the lips.

And don’t forget they come in some kewl colours 🙂

mouthguard.jpg   mouthguard1.jpg


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