Tooth coloured fillings

Just a bit of basic dentistry for today.  Two teeth with old failing fillings – although you can see the dark shadow next to one of the fillings, the decay is already very deep here.  These teeth were causing no pain and people often wait until it is too late.

Decay should be picked up as soon as possible – an X-ray usually shows this much sooner.  These teeth have already decayed close to the nerve and under the gum.  When these fillings fail (as everything does eventually) then the teeth will need root treatments and crowns or removal.  If you get your fillings checked regularly, and any fillings are replaced while they are small, that means you could replace the fillings every 10 years and still not damage the nerve over a lifetime – if you wait till you have pain or deep decay – you may get one more filling and then it is going to be complex work or lose the tooth.  Prevention is always better than cure.

But I think these went pretty well  🙂


3 Responses to Tooth coloured fillings

  1. cyberanto says:

    Wow! These are nicely done! Did you made the fillings yourself? Myself I am a dentist in Montreal, Canada.

  2. myteethnvd says:

    Thanks. Yes I did these fillings on the day I posted. I am yet to post a composite fibre bridge I did for the same patient a week later. She has had a lot of decay and left it all until 2 weeks before moving overseas for 6 months so we tried to do what we could. My partner studied for 6 months in Montreal and said it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I hope to get there someday.

  3. cyberanto says:

    Yes, hopefully you will visit my city. I was in Australia last year, stayed a few days in Sydney, very nice city!

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