Tooth Trauma

Just another routine day in the dental office.  I thought I would quickly post these photos which show a young fellow who fell over a concrete ledge.  The teeth may or may not end up with major consequences – fortunately mum saw the cracks and brought him straight in for an X-ray and check.  See how the enamel is like shattered glass.  The inside of the tooth is flexible and has stopped the cracks running right through.  I have a small chip on one of my teeth which hasn’t changed for 15 years but another patient of mine ended up with the tooth dying and needing root canal treatment.  This was from a small simple fall so it just reinforces why it is so important to wear a custom fitting mouthguard during sports.


2 Responses to Tooth Trauma

  1. cerys says:

    Could you please tell me what treatment this boy received as i have a similar injury from a fall please reply as I am so scared about this

    • myteethnvd says:

      At this stage no treatment was necessary – nothing broke off and the Xray showed no damage at this stage.
      If something came off a tooth coloured plastic filling can be bonded on. This is usually a very minor procedure and shouldn’t cause concern. Discuss with your dentist some alternative for your anxiety if treatment is required that you don’t feel you could handle.

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