More tooth coloured fillings

Just haven’t had the time to write lately.  Here is a nice set of filling replacements I did this week.  The old amalgam fillings have cracked and leaked.  You can see the decay on the right side of the top filling, the crack in the middle filling, and the downside of large metal fillings is the cracked off cusp in the molar on the bottom. 


The molar needs to be crowned to keep the tooth for any length of time.  If it isn’t crowned the large tooth coloured filling may crack or leak and end up leaving the tooth in an unsavable state.  At this stage it has bought the patient some time to organise for a crown, and allowed me to see what damage lay beneath that old amagam and check that the nerve in the tooth will be ok.  The top 2 fillings went very well and should be there for many years if kept clean.

Happy Christmas all.


4 Responses to More tooth coloured fillings

  1. chunks says:

    Some nice pictures and nice work too !

  2. myteethnvd says:

    Thanks! I still would have preferred to crown the molar but we are just trying to help this patient deal with the large number of failing teeth. Once everything is stable, a crown should give long term strength and stability here.

  3. Jane says:

    I would not have believed that the bottom tooth, with all that amalgam, could be filled successfully. I would have thought that removing the amalgam would have fractured or split the tooth. Beautiful work. You also seem to have understanding of the needs of your patient as opposed to insisting that they comply – whether they sleep on the streets or not to do it. I had No. 26 shed all visible enamel today, leaving only the amalgam showing. A 50 year old filling. Can’t do a thing about it.

    • myteethnvd says:

      Thanks Jane,
      There are certainly risks and there is a danger that patients expect too much from a large tooth coloured filling but if it is this or remove a tooth then we do what we can. Certainly if we can get a good seal around the margins and there are no obvious cracks underneath I am happier and some can stay for many years, but I would always try and get a crown over this type of filling if at all financially possible for the patient.

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