General Dentistry

Prevention, prevention, prevention!

Bacteria grow on your teeth, eat sugar, and ferment it into acid – acid rots teeth.  More bacteria (i.e. high sugars and low brushing) = more decay

This is a young patient I saw recently after we used a dye to show the bacteria (plaque) growing on the teeth. 


As you can see, the bacteria are covering the teeth in a thick layer.  The following picture is a more common amount of plaque but still too much if you want to keep your teeth for life.


The important thing is to remember to brush the gumline, and floss to clean the bits left in between the teeth.  Dental disease is one of the most preventable diseases on the planet yet affects the greatest population.  Brush with a soft brush effectively twice a day, floss each night, eat healthily, avoid soft drinks, and visit a dentist six monthly for a check and clean.

I’d much rather clean teeth every 6 months than do fillings, root treatments, crowns and extractions.  Hope to see you soon!


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