Decayed Teeth

This patient is likely to have further complex problems with his front teeth due to the extent of the decay.  Decayed teeth if untreated eventually get damage to the nerve inside and end up needing root canal treatment to save, and also the tooth can be so weakened that it can break off.  Fortunately, we have been able to repair these teeth with filling for now.  These teeth are still at great risk, but the fillings will stabalise the problem and should be serviceable for a few years.  The advantage is that all this could be fixed in one day for a few hundred dollars with a very cosmetic result.

The front tooth without any decay is a root treated and crowned tooth treated many years ago.


4 Responses to Decayed Teeth

  1. Tumo says:

    My daughter is 4 years old, four (4 ) of her fronth teeth have decayed. My wife wants us to take her to the dentist to have them removed, I beg to differ as I feel we must let them fall off naturally as she will still grow teeth again. Is there any danger if we leave the decayed teeth ?

    • myteethnvd says:

      It depends how bad the decay is. The baby teeth are impotant in helping the jaws grow, and guiding the adult teeth into place. If the teeth are removed, the bone and gums in the area will be affected and it may make the adult teeth come through poorly. Sometimes the adult teeth are delayed, and sometimes the jaw shrinks leaving not enough space and the adult teeth will become crooked.
      If the decay is early, then the baby front incisors may last until they fall out naturally around age 6 to 7 – but decay can destroy a tooth in 2 to 3 years so ideally the decay should be treated. If the decay gets into the nerve chamber it will cause infection, pain and swelling and this can sometimes be serious.
      If there is decay on the front teeth at this age, it may mean there is a problem with diet (frequency AND sugar content – frequency of eating sugars (even in fruits) is often overlooked. There may be a problem with cleaning (parental brushing is needed up until the age of 9 in many cases).
      If you go to our practice website there is a picture of a 4 yr old who had been going to bed at night with a bottle. It is important to not have anything but water at night after brushing the teeth. There is also further information on children’s teeth on this page.
      I would advise you take your child to a dentist as soon as possible because if you have decay on the front teeth, there is likely to be decay on the back teeth (which need to stay there until about age 10-12 years).

  2. Aayush Singh says:

    yo i am 18 and i got 4 of my teeth eaten by cavity and stuff and it hurts it has 4 hole what am i suppose to do

    • myteethnvd says:

      Hi Aayush,
      Unfortunately you really need to see a dentist. Bugs live in your mouth, they eat what you eat, and if it is sugar the bugs eat it and release acid onto your teeth. That’s what eats the tooth away and makes the cavity. If the cavity is small, we remove the bugs and infected part and fill the space up with a filling. If your tooth rots deeper it gets closer to the nerves and blood vessels in your tooth. That’s when the pain comes in. The dentist only has 2 options then – remove the tooth for you which is cheaper but you have lost the tooth forever, or try and save the tooth with a more complex and expensive root canal treatment. If you leave it to long then the dentist will have no option but to remove the rotten stump. In the meantime, brush as much as you can, reduce how much sugary foods and drinks you have, and then try and find a dentist to help you as soon as possible. Good Luck.

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