My gums are receeding

This 21 year old came to see me today complaining of pain and receeding gums.  The tissue is very thin and fragile on some people and the gum can receed from brushing too hard, or leaving bacteria on the gumline from brushing too soft.

We cleaned the hard calculus and build up off the teeth and prescribed a toothpaste for sensitive teeth.  Rubbing with salt and gentle brushing with a soft brush will help maintain the area – an electric toothbrush can be of benefit here.

Unfortunately the gum won’t repair (it may do slightly as the patient is very young).  What we want to do is be very diligent and stop it getting worse.  If it gets into the soft part of the lip it can speed up and long term the tooth could then be at risk of getting loose and falling out!  Sometimes a specialist can do a graft to cover the sensitive root.  If it is well maintained then receeding gums can be stabalised with regular check-ups.


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