Adult with baby teeth – bonding

This dental patient was missing her lateral incisors and the adult canines erupted into the space, with the baby teeth canines still in place.  You can see the baby teeth have worn down severely, and the adult eye teeth look bulky in this position.

The best way to treat this would be by extracting the baby teeth, moving the eye teeth to where they should be with orthodontics, and then placing implants in the spaces.  Unfortunatley this would be expensive and take many months to complete.

While our patient is saving for the best long term solution, we were able to provide a great compromise using dental composite resin.  This will prevent further wear and is completely reversable.  It was done in one appointment for the cost of less than 1 crown.

You can see the compromise is the position of the gum due to the adult eye tooth being so large.  That is why orthodontics and implants in the long term will be the best option for the missing insicor teeth.


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