White Spots on my Teeth

December 19, 2010

People end up with white spots on their teeth for various reason.  A white spot is usually because the crystals in the tooth enamel are disrupted so instead of looking see through like glass, it becomes opaque like chalk.  This chalkiness may be from early decay such as below.

This was the result of poor hygiene around braces.

The following, however, is a developmental defect in the growth of the enamel and is not weak or decayed.  The cool thing is that many of these white spots can be removed in less than 10 minutes with a simple application of a couple of products.  I heard about it in a course this year and tried it on the kids of one of our staff.  Then this young woman came in last week and said ‘I’ve always hated these white spots on my front teeth’ – less than 10 minutes later they were almost completely gone, no pain – no fuss, great fun!

Have a Merry Christmas or holiday period.  Look forward to your company at Nundah Village Dental next year!