More on Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth – Why do we need to remove wisdom teeth?  Often we don’t, but because they are hard to reach, they are harder to clean and more likely to get decay.  Some wisdom teeth may be growing in the wrong direction and get stuck (impacted) and this leads to problems as well.


This  young   patient    has  an impacted lower wisdom tooth causing no pain.  It is under the gum and can’t be seen in the mouth.  Sadly, the lower picture  shows the decay highlighted in black – there is decay in the upper and lower wisdom tooth, but also the  second  back  tooth  has decayed almost to the  nerve.  This tooth may now need very expensive root canal therapy or extraction.  The pink line shows that the lower wisdom tooth is touching the nerve in the jaw and will need specialist attention.  This will require time and careful planning but unfortunately the decay has made the  situation urgent. 

Even older patients can  have wisdom teeth problems.  Not long ago  one  of  our dentists removed a wisdom tooth from an 89 year old! 

This picture shows how a cyst is damaging the jaw.

  Many people have wisdom teeth come through perfectly just like any other molar.  Thank goodness we are all different.  If you have any queries see your dentist and get an Xray to check.


3 Responses to More on Wisdom Teeth

  1. gumtree says:

    Tumblr article…

    I saw someone writing about this on Tumblr and it referenced…

    • myteethnvd says:

      I am giving advice or a second opinion to anyone that asks as best as I can without detailing specific to that persons case to help guide them. I have been a dentist for 20 years and hope my comments help 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for this information. My dentist wanted to remove my wisdom teeth because they are impacted, but I told him I’d have to reconsider. They’re not causing any pain or swelling and I floss every day, so I thought everything should be fine. What’s more, I’m already 28 with a baby so having surgery, albeit a minor one, will be a hassle, to say the least. My dentist already told me the risks of not having the pesky teeth taken out but seeing another practitioner say the same things is kind of reassuring. Maybe I truly need to have to have an extraction.

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