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Born in country Qld, Roma – with a strong family dental background
I graduated dentistry 1991 with second class honours from the University of Qld, and went back to graduate Bachelor Arts double major in Psychology in 2003. I work as a dentist at Nundah Village Dental in Brisbane Australia and love it.


8 Responses to About

  1. cyberanto says:

    I read a few of your blog enteries and I find them very interesting.

  2. chunks says:

    Nice site – came upon it while looking for lip ring damage to teeth. Then read right through.

  3. Beth Sordi says:

    Hi there,
    Your email address keeps bouncing so I hope you get this. We launched our cavity quiz and wanted to show it to you so you could see your great photos within. We also provided a credit to you at the end of the quiz. Your site is great with wonderful photos! Please send your updated email address when you get a chance – we may need your help in the future.


  4. Monika says:

    Hi, my name is Monika and I have severe osteoporosis – I’am suposed to go on IV osteo medication – but before that I need a dental surgeon to extract 6 of my backteeth – the teeth have to be removed / cut out -so my jaw will not be broken in the process- can you help????

    • myteethnvd says:

      Hi Monika,
      I am not sure if you meant can I help in advice or you are in our area and need a dentist. Some osteo medications (bisphosphonates) have been shown to stop bone turnover which is excellent for your condition, but if you need extractions there have been cases where the jaw doesn’t heal leaving an open painful wound permanently in the site. This happens more commonly with IV med’s than tablets. For this reason, teeth likely to cause future problems are best dealt with now and the medications started after your jaw has recovered.
      Whether you require an oral surgeon or a general dentist (as I am), depends on the degree of difficulty in the extraction, and the seriousness of your osteoporosis. If you are local I am happy to look at any Xrays ans consult about whether we could help or refer you to someone who can. Follow the links to our homepage for details. I hope this helps – I am advised that despite the side effects of these drugs the benefits in severe cases are well above the risks as long as things are planned properly. Good Luck

  5. Rachel says:

    Greetings from Minnesota, USA! I came across your image (https://myteethnvd.wordpress.com/tag/rotten-teeth/) when looking for images of decayed teeth. I was wondering if you might allow the Minnesota Dental Association to use the top image on that link for a publication?

    Let me know at your earliest convenience. Thank you!


    • myteethnvd says:

      Hello Rachel,
      That patient has left our practice and I have no correspondence with him. I don’t have permission to post his photos so unfortunately I think it would be safer to decline your request. Kind regards,

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